Nougat & chocolate bites

Sperlari offers its speciality in a mini format, to bring sweetness to every moment of the day.


Sperlari is proud to present its new Cremonelli range: Chocolate and Nougat bites, which take you back to a simple, yet timeless, recipe.

An auteur reinterpretation of a seasonal treat in a proposition for an everyday pleasure.

Milk Gianduia Chocolate with two whole hazelnuts

Rich decadent milk chocolate bites, elegantly wrapped in a double bow.
Two whole hazelnuts at its heart.
28.5% Hazelnuts

Dark Chocolate with two whole hazelnuts

Intense dark chocolate bites, elegantly wrapped in a double bow.
Two whole hazelnuts at its heart.
16% Hazelnuts

Soft Almond Nougat coated in dark chocolate

Soft white «Italian nougat» rich in almonds, coated in dark chocolate.
20% Almonds

Soft Nougat with dark chocolate and hazelnuts

Soft «Italian nougat» enriched with dark chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts.
28% Hazelnuts 18% Dark Chocolate


Soft pleasure in a chocolate embrace


Sperlari® soft nougat pieces, packed with crunchy, fragrant almonds (32%), with subtle citrus notes, covered with white or dark chocolate.

Soft cocoa Morbidelli covered with chocolate

Soft nougat pieces with cocoa, chocolate and hazelnut pieces

Morbidelli Gran Assortimento

Sperlari® soft nougat pieces packed with almonds, with citrus, coffee or vanilla flavour. A soft nougat filling with four different flavourings: lemon or orange, covered with white chocolate, or coffee or vanilla, covered with dark chocolate.

Soft Morbidelli with Pistachios and Almonds, Covered with Chocolate

A filling of delicious pistachios and almonds enclosed in soft nougat, covered with chocolate

Soft Nougat bites covered in Ruby Chocolate

The soft sweetness of almonds and honey, enrobed with a chocolate of surprising taste and colour

Nougat Pieces Classic

Soft nougat pieces make for
an irresistible, delicious combination!

Nougat Pieces Classic with Almond

Sperlari® nougat pieces deliver sophisticated sweetness thanks to rich honey and fragrant almonds (46%). Delicate, crunchy almonds come together with an intense vanilla centre, followed by the sweetest honey.

Soft Nougat Pieces with Hazelnut

Our new Sperlari® nougat pieces with hazelnut are packed with hazelnuts (44%), combined with fragrant honey and a subtle note of vanilla. The initial combination of delicate, crunchy hazelnuts and fragrant vanilla gives way to the sweetness of honey.

Nougat Pieces Classic Covered with Dark Chocolate

An intense dark chocolate coating conceals Nougat Pieces Classic, the sophisticated sweetness of our Sperlari® nougat pieces with almonds. Crumbly centre packed with fragrant almonds (31%) and covered with the best dark chocolate.

Soft Nougat Pieces with Almond

The gentle caress of Sperlari® soft nougat pieces with almonds and honey. The instant impact of crunchy almonds (46%), followed by the sweetest honey and fragrant lemon, for lasting sweetness.

Nocciolati Zanzibar

The intense aroma of chocolate meets
our best ingredients in a mini format

Zanzibar Dark Pistachios

The depth of dark chocolate encloses lively praliné pistachios

Zanzibarone Classic and Dark

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