The Sperlari brands

Though all of the Sperlari brands are unique and have their own story to tell, they also share many values: they are all 100% Italian and fruit of a tradition and passion that has delighted the palates of millions of Italians in countless new ways.


Since 1836 Sperlari has been synonymous with emotions, sharing and of course sweetness. A brand inextricably linked with Italian traditions and celebrations, with a rich and varied product range and an unshrinking focus on innovation. Although the Sperlari name remains closely associated with Christmas thanks to its torrone and mostarda products, its sweets and chocolates are also year-round treats for those with a sweet tooth. And this will never change.

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What is the secret to the success of Galatine? Simplicity. Made with Italian powdered milk, they have a timeless flavour that for over 60 years has made them the firm favourites of children and adults alike.

Our little milk tablets are the original irresistible sweet, a token of affection that appeals to parents and children of different generations: in fact, every Galatina is a little act of love.

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The Saila brand (Società Anonima Italiana Liquirizia Abruzzese) has a special place in the hearts of millions of Italians largely because it is associated with the first refreshing sweets launched on the market.

It conserves a long legacy of traditions which it has expertly revisited over its 80-year history in order to keep developing highly innovative new products. Its founding values of Italian quality, authenticity and naturalness explains its enduring popularity today. Its range consists of refreshing dragées and hard sweets made primarily from Italian liquorice and mint.

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Sweetness can also be sugar-free. Inside and outside the kitchen My Dietor is the ideal solution for those that want to eliminate or reduce their sugar consumption without compromising on sweetness, but also for those who look after their health and love natural products.

Like MyDietor Cuor di Stevia, the natural sweetener made with extract of stevia which derives from a plant traditionally used by the indigenous peoples of South America.

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Who said that sweets have to contain sugar? The first sugar-free sweet on the Italian market, Dietorelle is the little treat that guarantees lots of pleasure. Dietorelle has continued to reinvent itself since 1977 while respecting its traditions.

With its variety of flavours and the natural sweetness of stevia, it is perfect for those that love healthiness and spontaneity.

New for 2020: from the start of the year all Dietorelle products will be certified as 100% Vegan and therefore free of animal gelatin.

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