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This Cookie Policy pertains to the website (hereinafter, “Site”), managed and operated by the
company Sperlari S.r.l. with sole shareholder, with registered office in via Milano, n. 16, 26100, Cremona (CR),
C.F. and P.IVA 01350470199 (hereinafter, “Owner” or “Company”). The use of cookies by the Owner of this Site is
framed within the Privacy model prepared in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter, “GDPR”), in
relation to which the users of this Site (hereinafter, “Users”) are invited to click here to read the Privacy Policy
of the Sperlari Group, provided pursuant to art. 13 GDPR and the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, as
amended by Legislative Decree no. 101/2018).

Below, the User will find all the information about the cookies installed through the Site, as well as the necessary
indications on how to manage their preferences with regard to them.

Cookies are, as a rule, strings of text that websites (so-called publishers or “first party”) visited by the User or
different websites or web servers (so-called “third parties”) place and store within a terminal device in the User’s
availability, such as, a personal computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device capable of storing information
(e.g. IoT devices).Software for browsing the Internet and operating these devices, e.g., browsers, can store cookies
and then transmit them back to the sites that generated them on a subsequent visit by the same user, thus
maintaining memory of his or her previous interaction with one or more websites.

The information encoded in cookies can include personal data (e.g., IP address, user name, unique identifier, e-mail
address) and non-personal data (e.g., language settings, information about the type of device used by the user).

Cookies can have among the most varied functions: they can, for example, be used to perform computer authentication
or to keep track of items in an online shopping cart or information used to fill out a computer form (so-called
“authentication cookies”). Through cookies, it is also possible to convey targeted advertising messages to the
individual user (“profiling cookies”).

There are different types of cookies, which can be distinguished into two macro categories:

1. first-party cookies;
2. third-party cookies;

3. Analytical cookies;
4. Technical cookies;
5. Profiling cookies;
6. Functionality cookies;

  1. First-party cookies

First-party cookies are those installed directly by the site operator (the publisher). The use of such cookies
allows the site to function efficiently and track visitor behavior patterns where they are profiling.

  1. First-party cookies

Third-party cookies are those installed by a party other than the site operator. In essence, a site other than the
one the user is visiting installs cookies through the former, sending the data collected to servers other than those
on which the domain of the operator of the site you are visiting resides.

  1. Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies, which require consent from the user, are used to collect information about the use of a site.
These cookies allow tracking, anonymously, for statistical purposes, users’ browsing and activities while on the Web
and sites.
Analytical cookies can be first-party, i.e., created and generated by the owner and/or operator of a site that uses
the information collected internally and for purely statistical purposes and to verify the performance of the site,
or third-party cookies that allow the collection of information of users, always anonymously, in addition to the
above also, possibly, to define marketing campaigns with profiling purposes.
For this purpose, the user’s abbreviated IP address may be collected on a non-readable basis, which does not allow
us to directly identify the user

  1. Necessary technical cookies

Technical cookies, which do not require the user’s consent, are those used by the owner to make a site usable and
accessible in all its functionality and cannot be disabled by our systems. They are used by the owner, since they
are considered essential for the proper functioning of the site, to the extent strictly necessary and without any
further purpose. They can be divided into navigation or session cookies, which ensure the normal navigation and use
of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or authenticate to access restricted areas).

  1. Marketing cookies

Profiling cookies, which require the user’s consent, are used by the owner of a site (first-party profiling
cookies), or by third parties (third-party profiling cookies), in order to track the user’s web browsing and create
a profile and intercept, therefore, his tastes, habits, preferences, choices, etc.
Through profiling cookies, the owner, i.e. third parties, may send the user advertising messages and/or promotions
based on the preferences expressed by the user while browsing the web.

  1. Functionality cookies

Functional cookies allow the user to navigate according to a set of selected criteria (e.g. language, products
selected for purchase) in order to improve the service rendered to the user. Disabling cookies may limit your
ability to use a site and prevent you from taking full advantage of the features and services on the Site.



The purpose of analytics cookies is to collect information about the use of a site. Such cookies allow tracking of
anonymous browsing by the user as well as their activity while on the website (e.g. used to assess the effectiveness
of a service offered by the publisher or to measure the no. of visitors to the website also broken down for example
by time slot or geographical area, etc.).



Analytics cookies are comparable to technical cookies (NO consent) where the following requirements are met
(otherwise, they will be considered as profiling cookies and, therefore, can only be activated after the user has
given his explicit consent):

  • they are used only to produce aggregate statistics information, related to a site/app;
  • at least the fourth component of the IP address is anonymized to any third parties;
  • third parties refrain from combining them with other processing activities and refrain from transmitting
    them to third parties.


Cookie First part Third part Technical Analytical / Statistics Marketing Performance Disable
Google Analytics no yes no yes no yes Click here

Analytics cookies present on the website

Cookie’s name Category Type First/third part Durata What user action generates it? Is consent required?
_ga cookie analytics navigation cookies Third part

Provider: Google Inc.

2 years navigation No
_gid cookie analytics navigation cookies Third part

Provider: Google Inc.

24 hours navigation No
_gat_gtag_UA_167577282_1 cookie analytics navigation cookies Third part

Provider: Google Inc.

1 min navigation No
_gat_gtag_UA_37401775_12 cookie analytics navigation cookies Third part

Provider: Google Inc.

1 min navigation No

What Google Analytics is?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google, with your consent, may use your personal information to contextualize and personalize ads in its ad network.

Google’s Privacy Policy:

By selecting the “Cookies Settings” button, you can enable or disable the cookies on the site

When are they installed?

All technical cookies do not require consent, so they are installed automatically when the User first accesses the Site.
Cookies other than technical cookies, on the other hand, are installed or activated only following the User’s express consent, the first time the User visits the Site.


How to express consent or revoke it?

The User’s will to the processing of their personal data must be free, specific, informed and, above all, unequivocal.
By interacting with the short information banner, the User will have 2 different options:
1. Accept all cookies on the Site, by clicking on the “Accept all cookies” button;
2. Select one by one the cookies to whose installation the User intends to consent, by clicking on the “Select cookies” button.
If the User does not intend to make any choice between the 2 options, he/she may simply close the short information banner by selecting the appropriate command (X in the upper right corner). In this case, the User will not, under any circumstances, be tracked or profiled and only the default settings (technical cookies) will be maintained.

Moreover, the User through this Cookie Policy, will be able to change his consents by accessing the section “all cookies on the site” and “how to manage/disable them” and interacting with the appropriate command (Activate/Disable Cookies). The User can select the box to provide consent to the installation of cookies or deselect it to revoke it. (In the default settings all cookies, except technical ones, are disabled and the box unchecked).


Request to provide consent

The request to provide consent will be made to the User when the User first accesses the Site. A record of this consent will be kept on subsequent visits.

The request may be repeated only in the event of a change in one or more of the conditions under which consent was collected or where it is impossible for the Site to know whether a cookie has already been stored in the device.


Communication to the Authority

The coding criteria for cookies and other tracking tools adopted may be communicated to the Data Protection Authority, where requested by the latter.

Some browsers are set to automatically reject cookies, other browsers are set to automatically accept cookies.

Each User can, however, set their terminal browser so that it accepts/rejects all cookies or displays a warning whenever a cookie is proposed, in order to be able to consider whether to accept it or not.

The User is enabled, however, to change the default (default) configuration and disable cookies (i.e. block them all permanently, including technical cookies), setting the highest level of protection.

The ways to block or delete cookies from your device vary depending on the type of terminal and depending on the type of browser you use.

If you use a fixed device (e.g., pc, laptop, etc.), you need to take action on your browser settings:

– Internet
; – Chrome; – Safari; – Firefox;
– Opera.


If you use a mobile device (e.g., smartphone or tablet), you need to change your terminal settings:

– Android; – Safari; –Windows
 – Blackberry.


For more information on cookies and their deactivation, Users are also invited to visit the platform.


Likewise, if you do not know the type and version of browser you are using, the User is invited to click on the “Help” button in the browser window at the top, from which you can access all the necessary information.

We also point out that any deactivation of cookies on the Site will not result in any malfunctioning of the Site and you will, therefore, be able to enjoy optimal browsing.

For more information, we invite you to read our Privacy Policy.


For any and all inquiries or clarifications, you may contact:

–        privacy o dpo

–        Toll-free number: +39800829008