Animal Gelatin in our candies? No, thanks!

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Sperlari eliminates animal gelatine from its Made in Italy candies: Sperlari Gran Gelées, Galatine, Saila, Dietorelle... Discover More

Bringing people together.
Since 1836.

Italian families have been sharing and enjoying our confectionery since 1836.
Discover our history

From torrone through to mostarda
and sweets.

All of the Sperlari brands are unique and have their own story to tell.
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Italy: our home.

Every Galatina is a little token of love.

Simplicity. For over 60 years.
Discover all the goodness of Galatine

Mission, vision and values

These represent our raison d’être, our strengths and our unique characteristics. They transmit our identity to consumers, to our workers and to the community.
Discover our mission and values

All the emotions of flavour.

The Sperlari brands.

There are lots of different products in the Sperlari family.
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100% Vegan



A story that goes way back.

Since 1836, the Italian sweet par excellence.

It all began in a shop that was opened in the middle of Cremona in the early 19th century, owner of the oldest trading license in the entire province. A shop which still offers its faithful clientele a wide range of traditional Cremona delicacies.


Italy: our home.

Innovation and tradition .

The land

Our roots are inextricably linked with Italy’s traditions.
Click on one of the cities on the map to learn more about the origins of our flavours.


A story that began in 1836 continues today in the largest Torrone factory in Italy, where the bars are in good company: our typical mostardas, hard and filled sweets and the Galatine are also produced here.

Gordona (SO)

Set against the greenery of the Rhaetian Alps, in a place infused with the heady scent of woodland, the Gordona factory is the soft heart of our production process: the colourful Gran Gelées rich in Italian fruit nectar are made here.

San Pietro in Casale (BO)

If we had to invent a motto for the historic plant of San Pietro in Casale it would be “sugar-free sweetness”. Here, goodness and healthiness are combined to create the tasty Dietorelle and the MyDietor sweeteners.

Silvi Marina (TE)

Cradled by the fresh sea breeze and protected by the hills of Abruzzo, the Silvi Marina plant is the biggest liquorice production and transformation factory in Italy, a place where we process a thousand tonnes of liquorice using traditional methods and use highly-fragrant peppermint.

The best raw materials
to guarantee unique quality.

A harmony of quality and flavour.

Thanks to its delicacies, Sperlari brings people together. The secret to their unmistakeable flavour lies in the choice of ingredients and raw materials.

Almonds and hazelnuts

There is no hiding it: we absolutely adore nuts. This explains why we add 416 almonds and 500 hazelnuts to every kilo of torrone.


Our short and safe supply chain of 400 Piedmont farms provides us with over 4 million litres of fresh milk which, transformed into powdered milk, is used to make a thousand tonnes of Galatine a year


To give our products authentic natural flavours, we use fruits supplied by the best growers. Like our Gran Gelées, which contain 100% Italian nectars.


We are one of the biggest buyers and transformers of Italian liquorice, processing over a thousand tonnes of liquorice root a year using the traditional procedure.


We use dark chocolate or gianduia (a milk and hazelnut chocolate) whose cocoa comes from the plantations of western Africa, enriched with 220 hazelnuts or 225 pistachios per kilogram of Zanzibar.

The Sperlari people, one big Italian family.

Experience and expertise with a focus on flavour.

Everybody at Sperlari is important. We are one big family and our strengths are our professionalism and the passion we put into our work.

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Mission, vision and values: discover our strengths and unique characteristics.

Mission, vision and values.

These represent our raison d’être, our strengths and our unique characteristics. They transmit our identity to consumers, to our workers and to the community.

Mission, vision and values